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RedTrack Facebook Ad Tracking community

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If you are lost in all these complex settings on the Facebook side, we are here to help you everywhere. Literally everywhere 🤓

Join our Facebook group dedicated to Facebook Ad Tracking (CAPI, Postbacks, Domains, etc.)

This is the group for those participating in a wild game of Facebook Advertising at a very uncertain time, which is pretty much always! You may find here:

🚀 Tips & tricks from ad industry experts who know the thing from the inside;
🚀 Help with technical aspects of FB Ads from the experts;
🚀 A space for mutual learning and support with like-minded ppl;
🚀 Insights about ad tracking to boost your performance and increase ROI;
Join this group if you are looking for space to ask questions freely, get help, and help your fellow FB marketers out!

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