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Changelog: July 2021

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  • Clickbank conversion type mapping
  • Bugfix: Rules based on the cost for API updated traffic sources
  • Send event ID for CAPI in a postback
  • Rule names improvements: remove the limit of symbols
  • Bugfix: missing conversion event columns for the whitelabel reporting portal
  • Save the grouping dates within the same session
  • Costs and CPA display in the reporting portal
  • ClickBank: track Initiate checkout, abandoned cart and upsell
  •  Macro for a custom payout
  • Publisher panel: payment request
  • Postback Integration: add conditional postback switch
  • Send additional parameters to Facebook via the CAPI:
        Facebook Event ID
        Facebook First Name
        Facebook Last Name
        Facebook Phone
        Facebook Gender
        Facebook Email
  • Offer Source sub structure change

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