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Forced publisher attribution for multi-channel campaigns

Docly Child

Changelog: January 2021

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  • 51 degrees database integration for the data processing
  • Publisher panel currency
  • Referral commission set to 15%
  • Offers upload with an automatic campaign creation
  • Campaign/offer expiration timer
  • Add new macros for useragent, device brand, device model
  • Postback to Bing and Facebook
  • Cost update frequency changed
  • Conversion upload by types
  • Rules and alerts:
    New triggers –  LP CTR, % – lp_ctr / Fraud check OK,% – fraud_check Conversions – conversions
    New criteria – money spend
  • Publisher Panel:
    Pub-alias in reports
    Additional reports by publishers
    Hybrid conversion campaigns
    Custom payouts
  • Currency in a postback (&currency=usd)

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